Today Djibouti hosts the 10th Retreat of the African Union Commission. Natural, because Djibouti’s motto is Unity, Equality, Peace. Co-organized with the African Union Peace to promote peace, security and stability in Africa. FACTS: Population 900K, mostly Somali ethnics,  in2018 it generated 2018 a GDPT of $4B & a per capita of $3900, double than in 2017.  On OEC, it ranks 193th in exports. 2017 exports: $56.6M vs imports $3.89B, a deficit of $3.83B. The top exports: Coffee, Wood Charcoal, Dried Legumes, Brochures. Its top imports are Palm Oil, Delivery Trucks, Rice.   And Telecom. This is how we know Djibouti.   But BROCHURES??? “Brochures are the 211th most traded product in the world! “ Top export destinations of Djibouti are the UK , NL, Belarus. The top import origins are China ($2.16B), India ($270M), Indonesia ($202M). No USA. supports Djibouti telcos with systems, fiber and with legacy spares. We export to 96 countries.