Telecom companies across  North America involves an enormous measure of rivalry for market share. With new innovation touching base on the technological scene at an exceptional pace, the giant telecoms must do their best to remain on center of development to keep their business standing. With a specific end goal to stay effective, companies have made the incorporation of 4G LTE wireless communication a standard. Over that, these American telecom giants additionally center around quality system and great client benefit. The best telecom brands in USA incorporate organizations like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Charter, T-Mobile and so forth. Here is the list of the best telecom companies in USA:


1.AT&T – AT&T has a brand estimation of somewhat $30.4 million. They give services to more than 275 million individuals, making them the biggest Wi-Fi network in the US and offering AT&T UVerse TV benefit, AT&T covers the telecom market. AT&T is the seventeenth biggest organization on the planet with origin going back to 1885, AT&T has the involvement in telecom to back its leading position.

  1. Verizon – Verizon as of late achieved a total brand value of $27.6 million. The Verizon mark was made from a merger between Bell Atlantic and GTE Corp in 2000. From that point forward, Verizon has been giving remarkable wireless service from that point forward, today serving 290 million with its 3G and 4G systems. Verizon, today, additionally gives 4.7 million subscribers FiOS video and FiOS Internet with more than 5.4 million dynamic subscribers.
  2. Comcast – Comcast has a stunning brand worth of $12.5 million. The telecom company has various plans of action including owning 51% of NBC Universal. Telecom services by Comcast incorporate Xfinity and Comcast rapid Internet with 18 million clients. Collectively, Comcast has a sum of 24.1 million clients and employs 100,000.
  3. Time Warner Cable – With a brand value that totals $9.1 million, Time Warner Cable easily made its spot on North America’s telecom giants. Like Comcast, Time Warner Cable’s holding company, Time Warner, operates in a variety of industries including TV networks, film and TV entertainment, publishing, and telecom. Its cable division, which started way back in 1968, is the second largest cable provider to the United States. Time Warner Cable serves 29 states that totals to 15 million customers with video (12 million customers), high speed data (10.9 million customers) and voice services (5 million customers).
  4. T-Mobile – T-Mobile US is positioned as the third biggest wireless provider with a bigger number of offers claimed by Deutsche Telekom, a Germany broadcast communications company. It had 72.6 million supporters amid the first quarter of the year 2017 and was ranked first by Nielsen in Customer Service Satisfaction. The company offers wireless data and voice services in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgins Islands, and the United States. The company has an expected value of $37 billion revenues consistently and was even named as the fundamental American remote pro organization by Consumer Reports in 2015.