Centrally located, Cameroon needs $5B to ‘rehabilitate crisis-stricken Anglophone regions’ valuable Article below by Mark-Anthony Johnson Facts: According to the OEC Cameroon is the 111th export economy in the world and the 106th most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). World wide, in 2017 Cameroon’s trade resulted in a negative trade balance of $1.61B. In 2017 the GDP of Cameroon was $34.9B and its GDP per cap $3.71k. Top exports Crude Petroleum ($1.34B), Sawn Wood ($616M), Cocoa Beans ($492M), Bananas ($306M)Top export destinations France ($559M), China ($488M), Italy ($392M), Belgium-Luxembourg ($359M) NL (356M), USA $197 M. The top imports China ($1.06B), France ($548M), the Republic of the Congo ($441M), Thailand ($275M) and Nigeria ($253M) USA (220M). Americans need urgent local contracts. – [ ] Cameroon borders and their GDP per Capita: Central African Republic ($547) , the Republic of the Congo, ($394) Gabon ( $9800) Equatorial Guinea ($15k) , Nigeria ( $1968), Chad ($730)